Hi !

On you'll find some ressources for web development, especially with PHP, CSS and Javascript. I will also provide some useful home-made online tools as soon as they are ready to get live.

Hot stuff !

05/2017 : Google Contacts and Cloud Print PHP APIs : Implementing two missing services from the official Google PHP API client library.

Some Google APIs are missing from the current official PHP library and we provide through net-tools/google-api Composer package the required classes to use those APIs.

Please have a look at the main file, and also or for setup instructions.

12/2016 : ComposerInterface : A PHP class to send Composer commands without SSH available on your host.

When SSH is not an option on your hosting plan, you can't really use Composer, since it's commands are sent through a console shell.

This PHP class makes it possible to issue Composer commands through method calls (which are turned into shell commands) ; the output of the command is sent back as the method return value string.

Learn more about ComposerInterface on Github.

Quick bio

Me ! My name is Pierre, I'm 39 and I'm living in Clermont-Ferrand (France). After graduating from university (master's degree in computer science), I started working for for an IT service company. However, after 3 years, I was feeling bored, and I decided I'd better quit this job and work on my own business !

In January 2007, I launched my own enterprise, providing home computer services and assistance for individual clients.

Web development now being a hobby and no longer a profesionnal assignment, I'm also doing on my free time some pretty things with PHP, Javascript and CSS : my own professional website and it's back-office, of course, but also some commercial websites for friends.