My APIs and Tools

On my free time, I'm creating some useful online tools and APIs, related to PHP development.

Currently, I have uploaded some PHP APIs on GitHub and Packagist.


Here's a list of online tools I've created :

Complete list of packages

GitHub package name Doc Platform Description
net-tools/google-api PHP Implements Google Contacts and Google Cloud Print APIs, missing from the official Google PHP API
net-tools/js-core JS Provide low-level tools for Javascript applications (form validation, cookies management, form submit, characters escaping, etc.)
net-tools/core PHP Provide low-level tools such as containers, several helper classes (formatting, encoding, sanitizing, exporting data) ; initialize four PHP settings (display_errors, locale, internal encoding, timezone)
net-tools/mailing PHP Build emails with attachments and embeddings and send them through SMTP, PHP built-in mail() function
net-tools/pdf PHP Helper class to create PDF through TCPDF
net-tools/cloudconvert PHP Helper class to interface with CloudConvert API
net-tools/encoding_toolbox PHP Client-side Javascript page to encode data / obfuscate PHP strings

Complete API Reference

A Readme file is available on GitHub, and will also provide a link to the API reference.

You may however go through the following link to get to the root page for PHP API reference or this one for JS API reference