APIs, libraries and graphic resources

Here are some useful APIs and dev libraries, mainly for Javascript and PHP projects.

Google APIs1

Main Google services are listed below. Many more are available, please refer to the Google API Explorer. Daily quotas are large enough for any local well-designed website. Global/worldwide targeted websites may require a paid account.

API / Library name Description Pricing Platform Documentation
Google Calendar Manage Google Calendar events Daily quotas Many Available
Google Drive Manage Google Drive files Daily quotas Many Available
Google Gmail Manage Google Gmail data Daily quotas Many Available
Google Charts Create charts with Javascript Daily quotas Many Available
Google Maps Use Google maps on your web projects (maps, routes, etc.) Daily quotas Many Available
Google Cloud Print Send print jobs to Google Print enabled printers2 Daily quotas Rest API Available
Google Contacts Manage Google Contacts2 Daily quotas Rest API3 Available

Processing images, videos, PDF

API / Library name Description Pricing Platform Documentation
CloudConvert API to convert between file formats (for example, PDF to TXT) Free up to 25 conversions / day PHP Available
JWPlayer Online HTML5 video player Quotas (25GB/10k played vids per month) JS Available
PHPGraphLib API to build graphics (bar, line, pie charts) ; PNG output Free PHP Available
TCPDF Produce PDF files from PHP and HTML tags 4 Free PHP Available

Browser stuff

API / Library name Description Pricing Platform Documentation
WhichBrowser API to guess browser capabilities (client and server-side) Free PHP JS Available
Calendar Simple calendar picker ; several themes provided Free JS Available

Wysiwyg editors, CMS

API / Library name Description Pricing Platform Documentation
TinyMCE Powerful wysiwyg javascript editor Free JS Available
Pico Plain text simple CMS ; support Markdown formatting & templates Free PHP Available


API / Library name Description Pricing Platform Documentation
Recaptcha Ensure web form is submitted by a real person, not by a robot Free PHP JS Available
CryptoJS Cryptographic functions from Javascript (MD5, shaXXX, AES, DES, HMAC, etc.) 5 Free JS Available

Cliparts, fonts

API / Library name Description Pricing
Fugue Icons 3570 icons 16x16, with transparency and shadow ; a must-have Free (with attribution)
FamFamFam Flags 247 flag icons, named with ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country codes Free
Flat Icons Large database of PNG, PSD icons (use search engine !) Free (with/without attribution)
Dafont Font database, to be used in graphics or documents Free or Paid
Google Fonts Font database for web projects Free
HR CSS design 18 simple styles for customizing HR with CSS Free
Emoji Characters Database of Emoji characters with Unicode encoding Free

  1. All APIs are available for many server/client libraries (PHP, Javascript, Python, Java), unless stated otherwise. 

  2. Those APIs don't have PHP support, so we provide a Composer package implementing API access for Contacts and Cloud Print API : net-tools/google-api 

  3. Also available for Java, Python and .Net (no Javascript or PHP support). 

  4. When installed with Composer, referencing an external config file is mandatory

  5. In order to encrypt data from PHP and decrypt it from Javascript (or reverse), Crypto-AES-PHP is required.